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A/N: Hey guys :) Here's a new fic I just started writing up! This piece in particular is quite different from my other works in terms of the reader's personality and background. So in this chapter, I've revealed a lot about the reader, which is really rare of me to do since I like to hide things and reveal them over time. But I decided to try going out of my usual style and writing it this way, just to see how it turns out. I'm not completely happy with this chapter to be honest since I feel there could be more tweaking done, but I hope you guys enjoy this! I would really appreciate feedback and let me know if you'd like it to be continued :) I don't own Yugioh!

Also,warning: This fic is intended for a more mature audience just because of the usage of alcohol and some mild language. Language gets worst as the story progresses in later chapters. So if that disturbs you, please keep that in mind before reading.


“If you had to pick a gem, what would you pick?”

Among most she has met, most would pick diamond as their answer.
Fair enough. After all, diamonds were amongst one of the four precious stones that existed. It was also one of most well-known expensive jewels, but other than that, they could not tell her why.
Was it the prestige that came with it? Was it the crazy price tag that added to the prestige? Did it give one a false sense of wealth when one wore a gigantic diamond around their finger or neck?

However, she was not one who could entirely judge others for their choices. She had been showered with jewels ever since she was born. A life of prestige was promised upon her arrival in this world. But when it came time for her to choose a gem that would best describe herself, she refused. She was in the midst of finding where her heart lies. Was it with the prestigious elites she belonged with or the unpretentious common people? She struggled to answer her own question.

One day, she meets someone with eyes as blue as the darkest and clearest sapphire. Naturally, she asked the same question. But this time it was different. She was faced with a glare from those deep sapphire eyes before being completely ignored. But she did not need an answer for his silence and piercing gaze said it all. No matter how much he tried to conceal it, he was rough around the edges. He was no diamond. He was true raw sapphire in its purest form.
But one thing must be set straight to Mr. Sapphire-Eyes over there: you were not some gem to be bought.

Reader x Seto Kaiba
Small hints of Joey x Reader

Chapter 1: Meeting Eyes of Sapphire

It was tense. On the highest floor of a tall skyscraper in the middle of Domino city, several suited men sat in silence in the lavish meeting room. They all waited in anticipation for a response from their potential business sponsor who sat at the head of the table. Each second ticked away, adding to the tension in the room, as a certain blue-eyed male glared at the suits around him. Seto Kaiba was not pleased at all. Realizing that dealing with this bunch of conservative old geezers would not bring him what he required, he had no desire to collaborate with them. He had wasted enough of his time here. Standing up from his seat, he grabbed his briefcase and left the meeting room, ignoring the surprised stares and mutterings that came about.

As soon as the blue-eyed individual got in his limo, he allowed his poker face to subside.

“Those fools... They have wasted enough of my time,” Kaiba growled angrily, staring out the window of his limo.

Staring out his windows, he maintained his glare and frown despite his tiredness.  These days had not been easy for the young CEO.  He was in his 20s and his dueling days were long gone, meaning that he had totally devoted his time to his company alone. However, one could tell that the stress was taking its toll on him. There was definitely more faint lines forming around the creasing around his eyebrows and his eyes appeared a little darker than usual.  

Mokuba, who was now in high school and also the vice-president of the company, had always warned him to take a break, even offering to help finish some of his work. However, the Kaiba never accepted his brother’s advice. Eventually, due to the tremendous amount of stress he had to deal with, he turned to the one thing that could take it all away.

“Roland, set course for the nearest place I can get a drink.”

“But sir..!”


“R-right away!”


It was loud. Even if one were to stand in the farthest corner away from the booming stereo, it would not be surprising if they lost their hearing the next day. Despite its deafening loudness, it was hypnotizing.

What an odd thing to say, one might think. But it captured everyone. Sense, shame and reason did not exist in a venue like this, especially when the occupants were heavily influenced by their ever-increasing intake of intoxicants.  

Loud successions of beats blasted from the sound system, making hundreds of faceless figures sway mindlessly and tastelessly to the spellbinding sounds reverberating the massive dance hall. It was almost as though they were caught in some strange trance. Colourful spotlights shined in every direction, littering the entire place with countless number of colourful spots, which only added to the boisterous ambience. Laughter and drunken shrieks were drowned as the music continued to captivate everyone on the dance floor.

In the midst of this excitement, there was a lady that stood by, watching the scene before her. She was none other than you. However, there was one slight issue.

You did not belong here.

You were not supposed to be here.

This was not your scene, or so you have been told countless number of times.

A place such as this was supposed to repulse you for you were born a lady with refined elegance. You were born a lady educated to appreciate the classical arts of music and dance. You were born a lady who possessed a refined taste in anything and everything that you did.

Those plaguing words repeated themselves in your brain over and over again; yet you failed to acknowledge them at the moment. This place captivated you. Freedom was a very interesting prospect after all.

Perhaps it was the freedom you gained from being in such a place that brought you such excitement. Free from the prying eyes of the snobbish elites and rapacious press, you were at ease in a place like this. After all, a girl in her twenties, regardless of social status, should know how to enjoy her younger years.

Despite being prohibited from frequenting places like this, you were now all too familiar with every aspect of it. You were accustomed with the loud setting of the club, the scent of alcohol and the sense of shamelessness from dancing with strangers on the dance floor; this did not mean you were irresponsible. Far from that, you understood your boundaries. As much as you’d like to believe this was your turf, you knew certain waters could not be crossed.

You still had mixed feelings, as you questioned yourself if you were treading waters that you did not belong in. Yes, you accepted the ability to do what you please, but freedom was not synonymous to rebellious behaviour. This may perhaps be a false sense of freedom, and you knew it. In addition to that, you had to play your cards right. Your life almost followed a “Dr.Jeckyll and Mr. Hyde” framework. It was in the company of high elites that you should be charming, elegant and confident, but when alone, you were just a girl who wanted to enjoy the various pleasures life had to offer.

How could one like you be refined, but still lead an ‘average’ life? How could one such as yourself be confident but scared?” These questions repeated in your mind like a never-ending loop. But these were how you approached them. Firstly, you seemed to be doing fine keeping a ‘normal life’ aside from your ‘prestigious’ one. Those two sides of your life had never once seep through the boundary that set them apart, and your two personas were strictly sealed separately in the setting they belonged.

And also, regarding the question of confidence and fear, what was there to be afraid of? Life was like a business deal. Maintain your confidence and never show your weaknesses. That way you shall succeed. You would not be scared. Scared of being named a scratched and tarnished diamond? You could just see it in the headlines: “Former elite, young (First Name)(Last Name) tarnishes the name of long-established (Last Name) Corporation.” Oh, the press would have a field day with that!

Besides, you had long been scratched but all you did now was hide behind some expensive polished box.  You were a jewel that had its own imperfections. But behind that elegant façade, you could not find it – your inner jewel. There was more to life than simply being an accessory to be shown off to the world. Perhaps that was why you tried to run away from a refined lifestyle. But that was enough thinking for now. As for now, you were here to enjoy and hide away from what you call the “repressed prestigious” side of you.

Seated in a reserved lounge at a famous nightclub in town, you sighed as you eyed the environment surrounding you. The two friends you had come here with seemed to have disappeared into the crowd and you were now alone on the red couch that was by a somewhat quiet corner of the club. Sighing again, you shook your head; your head had been doing too much thinking lately and you disliked that. You needed a drink. Scratch that, you needed a shot.

Walking towards the crowded bar, you pushed your way through the crowd. In a nightclub, standing in line to get your drink was out of the question. If you wanted a drink, you had to push your way in to get it; so, all niceties had to be pushed aside momentarily. Finally after all the pushing, you had arrived at the front.

You waited to be served, but it was not long before you heard a voice from behind you.

“Hey there, can I buy you a shot?” a voice whispered in your ear as you felt a hand snake around your waist.

This was not a surprising predicament. There always were strange men who frequented clubs in search for their next prey.

In response to the voice behind you, you threw a look over your shoulder as you let a small smirk show on your face without any sort of verbal response. The man took that as a ‘yes’ and went ahead with ordering the shots.

“Two 151 shots,” the unknown man said to the bartender and soon enough, a couple of shots were in front the both of you.

‘Well, isn’t he quick to spring to action?’ you thought in your mind as you eyed the shots.

Regardless, you accepted the shot. Picking up the shot glass in front of you quietly, you kept your smirk plastered on your face. “Cheers,” you purred before downing the shot.

“So, she talks,” the man said, teasingly, mimicking your actions before setting away his shot glass.

“Only when necessary,” you retorted before looking for a golden opportunity to flee from this predator.

Before he had a chance to say anything else, you cut him off while pushing his hand away from your waist.

“Well, thanks for the shot. You really didn’t have to~!,” you cooed before trudging away towards the crowded dance floor.


(First Name) (Last Name). Known for her rather flirtatious nature, she never once lost the front of elegance and mystery, regardless of wherever she was. Anyone who was among the elites could tell from her mannerisms that she was raised in a family with high social standing. If one did not notice, it was usually because one was not familiar with the mannerisms of those who lived in the world of the rich and famous. The way she picked up her glass and the way she was dressed said it all. She sported an expensive looking little black dress and her pair of shoes was probably from Prada’s newest collection. But in the eyes of sapphire, she was just like them all – a gold-digger who seek to drown in the luxuries of others.  She was of no interest to this sapphire-eyed man. Looking from atop his place on the higher floor, the man narrowed his eyes before trudging away in search for what he came for.

Looking for a couple of familiar faces was especially hard in a crowd like this; but you were in luck as you found your two friends dancing with their hands raised up high. Trudging ahead, your smile widened when they took notice of you. Standing in between them, you threw your hands up and shook your hips to follow each beat. Immersed in the music, you slid your hands up and down your body once in a while, enjoying the loud music with the company of your friends. Again, the nagging feeling came, but you ignored it. Your dancing attracted the attention of several wandering eyes, but this was the norm in clubs, you reassured yourself. Eventually, the dancing took its toll on you and you decided you needed a boost.

Slipping away, you stalked towards the bar upstairs. Another tip you have gained over time was that the bars upstairs tended to be a lot less busier than the ones downstairs, simply because people were too lazy to go all the way up or they were simply too drunk to even attempt that; in addition to that, the dance floor upstairs was nothing compared to the one downstairs. So, there really was very little incentive to go upstairs, unless one looked for a shorter queue at the bars.

‘Hmm, though it’s still a little too quiet in here,’ you thought to yourself as you arrived at the top of the staircase.

Approaching the bar, you could see a small group of people and a lone man standing at the far side of the bar. There was a lot less people than you expected, but you were not complaining. Avoiding the group, you chose to approach the bartender who was closest to the lone man, deciding that he would not be as preoccupied. As you treaded closer, you briefly caught the attention of the lone man.

It was rather dark, but as far as you could see, you noticed his general appearance. His chestnut hair was arranged neatly. A small neutral frown was fixed upon his lips. As far as dressing went, he donned a dark teal dress shirt that was left unbuttoned at the top, alongside a pair of dark slacks. But above all, you noticed his sapphire gaze. His striking sapphire eyes met yours briefly. Despite its briefness, it was a strong hard unwavering one. You knew who he was. Everyone knew who he was. One had to be living under a rock if they had no clue. But more importantly, should it matter that he was one who belonged to the same social class as you and had just seen you in such a place? What surprised you was that he would come to a place like this. You only had to wonder why.

Showing no signs of discomfort, you walked ahead until you were standing right beside the lone man. The bartender took notice of you and attended to you.

“What can I get for you?” the bartender asked.

“A shot of vodka please,” you asked before handing your credit card over to the bartender.

The man beside you remained quiet as he took a swig of his beer before setting it down again. You never expected him to speak and you were not surprised.  If he lived up to his reputation, you would believe he would decide against socializing with anyone. Soon enough, you took your glass and downed it without any trouble before sighing in content.

Huh, you did feel like you were in a particularly chatty mood though. Who knows, maybe this guy could entertain you with a civil conversation rather than ogle what your mama gave you. Then again, you forgot exactly who you were talking with.

“So, come here often?” you voiced out thoughtlessly few moments later.

“Don’t think I didn’t see that cheap stunt you pulled earlier,” the man beside you blatantly announced, his voice dripping with suspicion.

Finally turning your head around to face him, you noticed the blue-eyed man who was now looking at you with those harsh sapphire eyes.

“You know, things aren’t always as they seem,” you responded, pushing a strand of your hair behind your ear innocently.

He did not respond. There was no need for a response as it was clear as day that he was not going to take your reasoning.  He turned his gaze away from you, staring at the bottles lined up behind the bar in front of him.

“You know, I know you,” you said, trying to prolong the conversation.

He remained silent and at that point, you could tell he was ignoring your words.

You laughed slightly before muttering out,  “Damn, if you ever rat me out, I’m going to have my ass handed to me on a silver platter.”

That got his attention, but barely. You noticed as he gave you a brief hard gaze from the corner of his eyes, but his gaze returned to the bottles that were in plain sight.

“But you don’t recognize me, do you?” you mused, “Well, I guess if you don’t, I don’t have to worry about you destroying me and my image, and I should be safe for now.”

Perhaps the alcohol made you a little too open with what was in your mind. You were getting a little too chatty and decided you should leave before you spilled any more beans.  Besides, it did not seem like this gentleman over here wanted your presence here anyways.

Wrong again. This time you got a reaction from the man beside you as you heard a small scoff.

“If I wanted to destroy you, I don’t really need to recognize you. I can do it in an instant. I have the resources.”

You could only chuckle at the immensity of his ego. There was no questioning it now. This asshole was definitely the infamous Seto Kaiba you’ve heard about.

Deciding to tug his chains a little further, you raised an eyebrow suggestively as you saw the non-existent innuendo that could sprout from his threat.

“If I didn’t know any better, you seem to be coming on to me. Seriously, destroy me, Mr. High-and-Mighty?” you cooed almost seductively.

“All I said was that I have the resources to put you out of a job,” he spat out before adding, “Also, I’m not in a particularly good mood today, so you should leave me be before I make that reality.”

“Calm down. Guess you don’t really know how to take a joke huh? Typical suit,” you retorted before ordering another shot.

“Could I get another tequila shot?” you asked the bartender.

What the rude man beside you did next surprised you.

“Make that two,” he ordered before shoving his credit card at the bartender.

You eyed the man who you thought was Seto Kaiba. It was him, right? You were confused at his actions. You knew his reputation. As far as you could tell from your interaction with him, you could tell he lived up to it. So, why the nice act of charity now? Soon enough, a couple of tequila shots with the accompanying lime wedges were placed in front of the both of you. You picked it up, eying the man beside you, half-expecting him to ask you to put down his shot and buy your own shot.

When he said nothing and grabbed his own, you proceeded with taking one and holding it high up, “Cheers,” you said before downing it.

After that small toast, you were soon brought into a moment of silence. A few moments passed and that’s when he decided to initiate some form of a conversation.

“Will you just leave now that I’ve gotten you a drink? Now, go find someone else whose bank account you can drain.”

You stared at the man astounded at his insinuation. That did it. Now you were deeply insulted. So much for having a civil conversation with a decent human being. Yes, you had expected that the infamous CEO was a jackass from what you have heard of him, but this level of offensiveness was not what you expected.

You rolled your eyes at the billionaire, “Please if you are insinuating I was being some chick that drowns in luxuries at the expense of others, don’t. I have enough money to buy everyone here a drink. It is good company I’m after and if you are referring to that incident earlier, all that guy wanted before was a piece of my ass; so without causing a commotion, I took the drink and left. I don’t appreciate your assumptions. I am just as capable of buying you one, and you know what, I insist on returning the favour, just so you know I’m not ‘gold-digging’ on you.”

You ordered a shot of Red Dragon for your new ‘friend’ before flashing your credit card at the bartender. Again, another shot appeared in front of the blue-eyed man as you put your card back in your purse.

“Don’t let the fruity taste fool you. It packs quite a punch as the name suggests. But seriously, you need to lighten up, Seto Kaiba. Maybe stop acting like you have a freaking pole shoved up your ass? Just a suggestion! Now if my presence sickens you so much I shall take my leave. Adios,” you said with a mockingly polite smile before walking away, and at the time, you did not think you would come to regret those words.

He glared as the woman walked away, finally leaving him at peace to drown away in his own silence. The woman's words did not effect him; for all he cared, you could eat your own words. He eyed the shot that you bought him but left it untouched. It was a bad idea to have come here and the alcohol did nothing to soothe his stress. It was a complete utter waste of time, considering he was not completely at peace here. If he had a choice, he would rather not meet that woman again, but fate would prove to be a complete bitch and ignore his wishes.

Flawed Jewel: Discovering Sapphire (__xKaiba) Ch 1

“If you had to pick a gem, what would you pick?”


Among most she has met, most would pick diamond as their answer.

Fair enough. After all, diamonds were amongst one of the four precious stones that existed. It was also one of most well-known expensive jewels, but other than that, they could not tell her why.
Was it the prestige that came with it? Was it the crazy price tag that added to the prestige? Did it give one a false sense of wealth when one wore a gigantic diamond around their finger or neck?

However, she was not one who could entirely judge others for their choices. She had been showered with jewels ever since she was born. A life of prestige was promised upon her arrival in this world. But when it came time for her to choose a gem that would best describe herself, she refused. She was in the midst of finding where her heart lies. Was it with the prestigious elites she belonged with or the unpretentious common people? She struggled to answer her own question.

One day, she meets someone with eyes as blue as the darkest and clearest sapphire. Naturally, she asked the same question. But this time it was different. She was faced with a glare from those deep sapphire eyes before being completely ignored. But she did not need an answer for his silence and piercing gaze said it all. No matter how much he tried to conceal it, he was rough around the edges. He was no diamond. He was true raw sapphire in its purest form.
But one thing must be set straight to Mr. Sapphire-Eyes over there: you were not some gem to be bought.

Reader x Seto Kaiba
Small hints of Joey x Reader

A/N: Here is a chapter with more dialogue and less puzzling abstract paragraphs describing the psychological confusion of (Your Name). Do keep in mind that I am trying to create that effect, so don’t worry if you did not understand some of the previous chapters, especially the first part of Chapter 6. It was intended to be like that :) You are supposed to be confused after all! I do usually add some explanations in my author’s notes just to give you a heads up. So look for those if you’re curious ☺ Anyways, I have included a few lame-ass jokes in here because who doesn’t like lame-ass jokes and I wanted to add some lighter moments since the previous chapters were filled with lots of heavy stuff! Enjoy!

Ch. 7 : Connection to the Dragon Man</b>

“Well, I guess this is it.”

It was there you stood, eying the magnificent structure that stood tall before you. It was constructed with outrageous amounts of glass, which brimmed in the setting sun. The sky was coloured a deep red and orange, which only served to act as dramatic backdrop for the sight in front of you. The crystallized skyscraper glistened like a gigantic polished diamond in the center of Domino City, symbolizing the home of the wealthiest corporation the city had to offer. This was Kaiba Corp in all its pride. Funny. It quite reminded you of the person who owned this building, not that you knew much about him, but let’s go off a list of his most notable traits you had gathered from your encounter with him. Tall. Arrogant. Conceited. Egotistical. Pompous. Rude. Cold. Inconsiderate. Stupid. Well, not exactly stupid, but stupid in the sense he was just plain… RUDE! Yes, his rudeness must be emphasized and truth be told, even mentioning it twice did no justice to his true impudence. Perhaps if he tried to refrain from being the biggest ass in the world, maybe you would rethink your evaluation of him.  

While you were in class with him, he refused to discuss the project simply because he had ‘better things to do’ on that fancy laptop of his, and at the off-chance he actually did listen to your ideas, he would state that your ideas were ludicrous, underdeveloped and needed to dig further into the intellectual aspects of the topic. That jerk with his big words and complicated plans! How was one supposed to do that when there was no topic chosen to begin with? Just thinking about what happened in class a few hours ago made you vexed as you recalled your conversation with the mean egotistical self-adoring CEO jerk.


After spending half an hour deciding on a topic, you’ve decided to bring it up to Kaiba as he made no move to talk about the project. You were assuming that he left the topic choosing up to you. Either that or he could simply care less about the project at all. Hopefully, it was the former. It was a pairs project after all as much as you disliked being paired up with a certain snappy blue-eyed someone.  Well, you had to make it work somehow. Maybe all it took was for you to make the first move and take the initiative.

“So, I was thinking… what do you think about Ancient Egypt?” you chirped.

You awaited a response, only to be met with silence. There was no answer. Looking up from your textbook, you eyed Kaiba, wondering why he did not respond to your suggestion. As you observed his features, you noticed his eyes were focused on his laptop as he was disregarding your existence entirely.

He just ignored you.

Or maybe he just did not hear you?

“Erm, hello Kaiba. I was just—“

“I heard you. It would not kill you to further elaborate on what you mean by that and also have a solid plan before you start spewing underdeveloped suggestions,“ he said, his eyes never leaving his laptop, “I do not have time for things like that. So, find a suitable topic while having a plan that will follow suit.”

“I was just suggesting a topic,” you said, staring at him, astounded at his abrasiveness. You knew he was somewhat of a jerk thanks to his reputation, but this was too much.

“What’s a topic without a plan? You sat down for thirty minutes staring off into your books and all you’ve come up with is ‘Ancient Egypt?” he criticized, “If you were working for me, you’d be the kind I’d fire in an instant.”

Well, that was harsh. For crying out loud, this was a freaking high school project. You understood that Kaiba might be high on the intellect, considering he was running his own fancy billion dollar company, but this?! What did Kaiba think this was? The both of you were in school, not some meeting for a business proposition. To hell with his complicated procedures! It was about time he stopped expecting so much.

“Well Kaiba, we are working on this together. I need you to tell me what you think about this topic before we can move on with the planning. I was thinking we should decide on something first, so that we would be on the same page,” you said, trying to keep your cool as you reasoned with him.

Kaiba looked at you as though you were just astoundingly stupid. Did he not make it clear? If one wanted to collaborate with him, one needed to be prepared with an idea that had a plan to boot. To Kaiba, it was the same in business, school or daily life.  Who would ever be interested in investing in an idea with no substantial plan to back the formation of that idea? Not him. It was a simple notion. If one were smart, one would go by that conception. Well, if there was no plan, he definitely was not buying your idea at all.

“I refuse to engage in pointless chatter. Until you’ve come up with something more specific, you’re on your own. I have better things to do,” he said frankly as he packed his belongings into his briefcase before slamming it shut.

“Hey what are you doing? There’s still 30 minutes of class left!”

“Be at Kaiba Corp, 5:30 sharp, and you’d better have something worth discussing about. If not, don’t bother coming by,” he said before standing and leaving towards the classroom door.

That arrogant pompous vibe radiating of him - which screamed loud echoes of his being a 'major asshole' - put even the authoritative teacher that stood in front of the class to shame. The teacher decided against stopping Kaiba, and you were left sitting in your seat with half an hour to think of an idea that would suit his royal majesty’s liking.


After thinking about that brief flashback, you found yourself sighing in annoyance as you watched the busy human traffic coming in and out the building.  Having no idea on where you were to wait for Kaiba, you sighed again as you contemplated on whether you should enter the building or not. Even if you did choose to enter, you doubted that security would allow you in, let alone meet him. A sigh soon escaped your lips as you ultimately decided to wait outside.

“How are we supposed to work on our project with all these suits running around? This must be Kaiba’s idea of a joke. This is barely a place to be working on a school project,” you mumbled subconsciously as you stared at the doors of Kaiba Corp in hopes of catching a glimpse of the brunette man soon.

It was not long before you were soon brought out of your stupor when you heard someone calling out to you.

“Hey, (Your Name)! Still waitin’ on that Kaiba, huh?” you heard someone say in a familiar strong Brooklyn accent.

That accent was unmistakable. Turning to your side, you noticed a certain friendly blonde with his group of friends approaching you.

“Poor (Your Name).  Kaiba isn’t someone I’d want to work with either,” Tristan mentioned teasingly.

“Geez thanks,” you muttered before asking, “what are you all doing here anyways?”

“Nothing much. Just passing through and heading back to my place. By the way, we were worried that you never showed up to class yesterday,” Yugi responded before voicing his concerns.

“Oh that!” you exclaimed nervously, “I just caught a small cold! Nothing major,” you lied with a big false grin on your face, dismissing his concern. What could you tell them after all? That you met your ancient alter ego that claimed you were some ancient Pharaoh’s key to saving mankind and that you also met a maniacal Bakura who could have captured your soul with the huge piece of jewelry he wore around his neck. Maybe if it were more believable, it would be worth sharing.  

Everyone else seemed to have bought that lie, but unbeknownst to you, not everyone did. Yugi did not seem to completely believe your simplistic answer, but he decided against questioning it for now.

“Well, we're glad that you're alright! You should come over to Yugi’s with us more often,” Teá offered in part of Yugi and the gang.

Just as you were about to reply, you finally noticed a looming figure approaching from behind the glass doors. You observed as a familiar blue-eyed individual stepped out just in time as the double doors open to reveal his looming form. The gang, however, seemed unaware of this. Joey immediately added on to Teá’s suggestion when you emitted no response.

“You should, (Your Name)! Then, I could show some of my awesome dueling strategies to you, since you're a beginner and all! But I guess for now, we know you have to spend hours working with that dragon man! Hah get it?! Like dragon lady, but dragon man instead?! And Kaiba likes dragons too. Man, I’m good!” Joey exclaimed proudly with a cheeky grin on his face, unaware of the presence that stood behind him.

Speak of the devil.

“I told you to drop by, but I don’t remember inviting the geek squad and their puppy dog here. Someone needs to call the pound before this fleabag causes a nuisance.”

Everyone turned around to face the owner of that voice. It was none other than Seto Kaiba, but anyone could have known that from hearing the condescending nature of his voice.

“Hey, you wanna fight, rich boy?!” Joey yelled out.

Ignoring Joey’s angry calls, Kaiba walked past Joey before averting his gaze to you.

“Hello, Kaiba. So, you finally decided to personally come get me?” you said mildly annoyed.

“Don’t flatter yourself,” he said as he looked at you with eyes that said that he would have left without you if you were not here on time. Without wasting any time, Kaiba walked past you without a word and advanced towards the black vehicle that awaited him.

Momentarily forgetting about the group beside you, you yelled out at Kaiba.

“Hey, where are you going?!” you yelled out, not moving an inch, confused at where he was going.

“Are you just going to stand there? Get in the limo before I decide to leave without you.”

Guess the both of you were not working in his office after all.

Your eyes darted towards the group that stood beside you. You noticed that Yugi’s countenance was no longer the innocent one; rather he became ‘serious Yugi’ again. This merely further reminded you of the events that happened a couple days ago and the questions you had circulating your brain; but that must be put on hold. You broke your gaze away from the magenta-eyed duelist before looking at the group as a whole.

“I’m sorry. I have to go before a certain someone decides to leave me. I’ll see you all soon. Bye,” you bid with a small smile.

You sprinted towards the limo and entered after Kaiba. Upon entering the limo and fastening your seat belts, you were soon brought into an uncomfortable silence. By then, Kaiba had pulled out his trusty laptop and had given his full attention to the screen in front of him. You thought about breaking the silence and maybe talk about some ideas, but perhaps this would not be the best time to discuss the project.

“Well, are you going to talk about what you’ve come up with or are you just going to sit there all day?”

Well, guess it is time then. So much for showing some consideration to that busy jerk.

“As I said earlier, I propose Ancient Egypt...” you said before pausing to look at his expression.

He raised an eyebrow at your suggestion, but said nothing as if it was a cue for you to elaborate on your suggestion.

“We could put a PowerPoint presentation together and have different subtopics in each slide. I was thinking we could do an intro to the geographical structure of ancient Egypt, and then, move on to discuss the life of a typical Egyptian while also touching on the lives of the Pharaoh and his court officials. And towards the end, I’d like to have a special slide discussing ancient Egyptian relics and the topic of life after death.”

Silence soon followed as you finished stating your suggestion. This was not surprising, considering Seto Kaiba was not a man of many words. But when he did speak, it was usually retorts and criticism of a condescending nature. Hell, even his silence was condescending!

“That’s ridiculous.“

You rolled your eyes. Enough was enough. You had wrecked your brain, thinking of a plan all on your own while he did who knows what! Fully understanding that he had his own business to run, you also thought that he should be carrying his own weight on this project! A few suggestions from him would not hurt and you were more than happy to welcome suggestions that would contribute to the project, not hard empty criticism on your efforts.

“And what’s so ridiculous about that? I don’t see you contributing,” you said, finally losing your courteous tone.

“Life after death? How old are you? Five? Those are just fairytales. Focus on facts.”

“Well, the ancient Egyptians believed in life after death,” you retorted, refusing to drop the topic.

“They were ancient people for a reason.”

“And what are you trying to imply?” you questioned, unbelieving of his attitude.

“You do realize they believed in legendary myths and fairy tales with no real evidence. If you would only focus on the rational aspects like their prominence in trade and business– “

“Shut up, non-believer!” you said melodramatically in a half attempt to crack a joke while ultimately trying to shut him up. Yes, the non-believer portion was pretty redundant besides creating some drama and jest, but your methods should not be questioned. After all, it was pretty effective when the person you were up against was an ostentatious individual who would not shut up when he was trying to get his point through. Well, seemed like that mini outburst did manage to shut him up; maybe now he would allow you to speak.

Actually, big mistake. Seto Kaiba was not one for jokes. Take that down as a mental reminder next time.

Kaiba’s glare never once wavered and if his eyes could burn holes into your own, consider yours barbequed, very well-done. Further emphasizing the intimidating air, he paused for a moment almost as though it was in effect to intimidate you.

“Do not interrupt me when I’m talking.” Despite his monotonous voice, you heard the threatening nature of his command seeping through every word he said.

“It was just a joke, Kaiba,” you stated simply with both hands up in defense, but decided to get down to business and change the subject, as that glare he gave you was quite menacing, “But in all seriousness, hear me out. I do strongly believe that adding the mythology and folktale aspect to the project would be something important and interesting to add. Facts are all arguments that already have scholarly evidence supporting them. Where’s the excitement in learning what we already know? You said we have to dig deeper. Well, this is it. We are digging beyond facts and exploring what scholars themselves are exploring in the field of history,” you convinced.

Again, there was silence. You stared at Kaiba and he stared back, his hard gaze never wavering for even a second. But you knew that this time, he was actually considering what you said.

‘I don’t have time for this and I certainly don’t have time for this fool,’ the blue-eyed businessman though before deciding that he was better off allowing a small concession to the rambling imbecile in front of him.

“Hmph. Do what you want. But that information must be in a single slide, not more. By the chance that the slide is filled with utter nonsense, I will have it removed completely with no opposition whatsoever.”

It sounded very much like a negotiation, despite not being able to lay your own conditions; but that was as good a deal you could hope to get from Kaiba. You really did want to include that information in your project, mainly because this was the perfect opportunity for you to research the origins of your ancient spirit and get some leads about the crazy occurrences that had been transpiring for the past couple of days.  Maybe then you could decide for yourself whether such ‘fairytales’ were real. However, Kaiba did not need to know all that.

“Fine. I accept, Kaiba,” you replied.

“Good. You’re catching on. Guess you’re not as stupid as I thought,” he replied, pleased that there was no opposition to his conditions.

“Watch it, Kaiba!” you yelled, tired of his insults only to have him ignore you again.

Typical. Well, if you were to work with him, you might as well start getting used to it.


Silence soon dawned upon the two of you after that conversation ended. The only thing that could be heard was the soft dull hum of limo’s engines and the smooth sounds of wheels turning.  Buildings passed by as you watched through the dark tinted windows. Soon, the limo stopped outside a middle school around that area.

That’s right. Where was Kaiba taking you anyway? That was when you decided to ask.

“Hey Kaiba, where are we even going anyways?”

As soon as you asked your question, the doors on your side of the limo flung open and that was when you were met with metallic grey eyes.  It was a young boy with messy dark tresses flowing down his shoulders.  

“Hi, big brother!” he yelled out as he had a huge smile plastered on his face, but his expression soon changed to confusion when his eyes met yours.

“Wait, who are you?” the young boy in his early teens asked.

“Um, hello, I’m (Your Name). I’m Kaiba’s classmate,” you mentioned almost uncertainly, pointing to Kaiba when you mentioned being his classmate.

“Mokuba, get in,” his older brother commanded in an impatient tone.

After hearing his big brother’s voice, he was reassured that you were not a random stranger and hopped onto the seat beside you before turning to you with a big grin.

“Oh hi! The name’s Mokuba! That’s odd! Seto never really invites friends over,” Mokuba states, eying you and his brother inquisitively.

“She’s not a friend,” Kaiba reassured fimly.

“Ouch,” you muttered softly in sarcasm.

Mokuba chuckled at your exchange with Kaiba before he moved on to a different topic to talk about.

In time, you and Mokuba were talking ceaselessly about whatever topic he brought up. This kid proved to be extremely easy to talk to and you really did appreciate that, considering his brother was a total anti-social uptight jerk.  Speaking of the devil, you noticed the deepening frown that formed on his lips.

“So Mokuba… Not to be rude, but is your brother always such a…. you know…. an ass?” you asked, unsure if it was perhaps too rude but who cares? Kaiba was rude to you every single time he decided to say something.

Kaiba just glared at you. “Language, you dimwit.”

Rolling your eyes, you muttered: “Mind my language. I just couldn't find any other words to describe you.”

Despite that, Mokuba disregarded Seto’s warning and responded, “Yeah, I guess he can be an ass to some people! But he’s been kind to me.”


“Oops, sorry, Seto! ” Mokuba laughed sheepishly before adding, “But no, I don’t appreciate you calling him that. My big brother is just not someone to be messed with, so I guess people find him intimidating or the three letter A-word.”

Spoken like a true Kaiba. Man, must Kaiba be proud at how his brother looked up to him.

“Alright, I guess I could take that for an answer,” you replied, deciding against bashing Kaiba any further. For now.


It was not long before the three of you arrived Kaiba manor. Looking out the limo’s window, you stared in awe as the automatic gates opened upon the limo’s arrival. The gardens were beautifully constructed with neatly trimmed bonsai trees and the variety of flowers, bushes and landscaping amazed you. The Kaiba mansion itself stood lavishly constructed with intricate details embedded in the building, and it made the overall construction of the place quite marvelous.  As you spent your time awe-struck at gazing at the many riches the Kaiba brothers possessed, the limo has halted to a stop and the boy beside you threw the door open before bouncing of his seat.

“We’re here, (Your Name)! Come on out!” Mokuba called out, beckoning you out of the limo.

Kaiba had long exited from the other side of the limo when his chauffeur opened his door. You stepped out the limo before timidly walking over as you stared at he magnificent entrance before you. It was then a wave of nostalgia hit you.

”Why does this seem so familiar?” you asked yourself in your head.

It was definitely the first time that you ever been here. You had never once set foot near this part of town anyways, so why was it that something about this seemed so familiar? Was it the huge double doors that stood tall? Or was it the magnificent pillars that framed the door on each side? No, you had never seen this building before; that much was for sure. Maybe it was not the place that you were familiar with, but the atmosphere. But still, it did not make any sense. No matter how much you tried to recall a memory that you might have had associated to this place, you found none. Finally, you shrugged it off, walking through the double doors as you ignored that nagging familiarity you had with your current situation.


Surprisingly, working with Kaiba seemed to be going well enough. The work had been evenly split between you and Kaiba, and the both of you were now in his study, separately working on your respective roles. You two were stationed far apart from each other, but you doubted that there was a need to sit close anyways, considering both your parts were set in a way that barely needed to be any teamwork at all.  Even if that was not the case, Kaiba did not seem like the type who would appreciate any teamwork effort.

Initially, Kaiba was rather domineering in terms of the organization of the entire project and who was to do what, but when you were left to do your own task, he mostly left you alone do handle your part; for that, you were grateful. You thanked the higher heavens for that. In all honesty, you though it was going to be much more difficult working with him, but so far so good.

“How much do you have left?” he suddenly voiced abruptly.

“Sorry, what was that?” you asked, looking up from your own laptop screen.

“My part is complete. You should be finished yours right around now.”

Your jaw dropped while your eyes widened upon hearing what he just said.

“Already?!” you exclaimed in surprise.

It had only been two hours since you had started working on it, and Kaiba had managed to complete his part in a couple of measly hours?! Unbelievable. At your exclamation, Kaiba looked toward you for an answer, but there was no need for a verbal answer. Your expression clearly gave away that you were not close to being done. Kaiba’s scrutinizing eyes glared at you before he sighed and rubbed his temples in annoyance, a gesture that certainly did not go unnoticed by you.

“Have that done right away. You are not leaving until you have it all done.”

With that, he rose from his seat, leaving you alone in his study.

For a moment, you thought that Kaiba looked extremely tired. Call yourself crazy, but for some reason you felt no resentment towards him despite his final command. If anything, he had been a little bit more civil to you than he had been in school, although you would hardly call forcing someone to work with no break civil at all. Actually, screw that thought! Who did he think he is?! He could not just confine you here and expect you finish a project that was to be due in a month from now? He was definitely a slave driver; there was no questioning that. He could slave drive himself al he wanted, but what about you? You could not match up to his speed! Maybe you should leave, although leaving this mansion might prove a daunting task since you had no idea how to navigate around Kaiba mansion. Not to mention, he left you here alone.

You were alone.

Your thoughts drifted again. Lately, that was what usually happened. Your thoughts drifted as random nostalgia and feelings seem to emerge out of nowhere, effectively altering your mood.

Now this loneliness was bothering you. You did not like this feeling. What was this? This lonely feeling. It seemed all too familiar that it just did not make any sense at all.

“I want Seto here,” you heard those very words leave your lips.

“What the hell did I just say?” you voiced aloud, slapping a hand over you head before shaking your head to get that stupid thought out of your head.

Those words just came out, but in all honesty, you could not have meant that. Your brain was simply not in sync with your speech.

Ok. You were officially insane. AWOL. Crazy in the head. You barely knew the guy. In fact, you knew nothing about him. Today was the first time you actually talked to him or interacted with him in any way. Although it was true that he was attractive – there was no denying that – his personality traits were definitely not impressive at all. You would have a better chance having a crush on Ryou Bakura, before he went psychotic of course.

But then, it hit you.  Your mind drifted to think about the spiritual entity that hid inside your being, or rather that bangle on your arm.

Maybe it was the spirit who was responsible for these weird nostalgic feelings. The spirit did mention something about Kaiba. Could she have been familiar with Kaiba or someone like Kaiba in the past? There might have been some connection between this weird nostalgic feeling and your ancient spirit. She had been missing in action ever since you saw Kaiba in class, as you could not feel her presence within you since earlier this afternoon. It was almost as though she was blocking herself in solitude, but that did not stop you from feeling what she was experiencing, for the two of you shared the same mind and body.

“Spirit?” you called out in your head, deciding to try anyways.

There was no reply.

Huh, guess it cannot be helped.

Staring at your screen, you decide to get back to work. If you could not find answers from her, perhaps some research online would be useful toward finishing the projects and the unraveling of this mysterious past your ancient alter ego seemed to have forgotten. With this new-found determination, you browsed a few scholarly websites that could potentially aid you in finding the information you needed.

“Tomb of an ancient Pharaoh found with various stone tablets discovered,” you read aloud as your eyes scanned over the online news article that you had found.

“Reports suggest that the findings of the excavation had been kept top secret and shall be making their first appearance in Domino Museum. However, it has been leaked from an unknown source that there is speculation that the tablet depicts a young nameless Pharaoh who was once a powerful king who sealed away powerful beings for good all in order to save mankind.”

You snorted at what you read. Seal powerful beings to save mankind? Kaiba definitely would object to this little detail being added into the project. To be truthful, this information also seemed ludicrous to you. You would think that it would seem crazy to any sane person. You definitely did have your fair share of odd occurrences happening, but until you see these ‘beings’ with your own eyes, you refused to believe it. Holding that thought, you scrolled down further, scanning the document further in hopes of finding something somewhat useful and slightly less nonsensical.

“Not much have been found regarding the details of the life the Pharaoh lived as many of the older hieroglyphics embedded on the walls of the Pharaoh’s tomb were destroyed and illegible. Here is a link to a full interview with, Ishizu Ishtar, an Egyptologist who has much expertise in this section of Egyptian history.

Perhaps she held the answers.

Without a second thought, you clicked the link as it brought you to a video. As the video was buffering, you heard a shuffling noise entering the study area and noticed the younger Kaiba.

“Oh hello Mokuba,” you greeted with a small tired smile.

“Hey, (Your Name). Seto told me to tell you that he will be leaving to go to Kaiba Corp to finish some work left at the company and I’m going with him too. I did ask him if you could tag along but he said no. He did say that you could go home now as long as you come back to Kaiba Corp tomorrow evening to finish the project,” Mokuba informed.

Closing your laptop, you smiled gratefully, “Thanks, Mokuba. I think I just need a break. “

“You look tired, (Your Name). You should go home. I’ll get a limo around for you!” he said and before you could stop him, he picked up his cell and called for a limo to be ready in five minutes at the front porch.

“It will be here in five minutes. Let me bring you to the front porch. This place is easy to get lost in,” he mentioned before chuckling, and you warmly smiled at him and thanked him once again.

For now, some rest might do good. Tomorrow will be when you seek answers, you reassured yourself.


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Ch. 6 : Grey Road to Realization </b>

There was panting. Breathless gasping was the only sound that resonated in the deafening silence. There was something approaching. The sound of pattering footsteps suddenly grew louder, echoing in this strange unknown place.

Where was this place? There was no sky; neither was there ground. It was simply an empty abyss that went on forever like a depthless pool of nothingness. It all seemed like some abstract nightmare. The emptiness. The silence. It inflicts a sense of hopelessness and nonexistence. The nothingness in this void made it excruciatingly difficult to remain in; in fact, it was impossible to remain here any further. How could one exist when there was nothing in such a barren place? In a place such as this, there remained no reason for existence.

“No, I can’t allow this. I need a reason. A reason to exist.”

All that was visible in this empty void were two contrasting sides that divided into two conflicting extremes: the bright blinding light in one half of this abyss and a dark overwhelming gloom in the other half. Both were dreadfully overwhelming and threatened to engulf one’s soul, regardless of the choice one made. This abyss was an empty canvas of black and white representing light and darkness. The contrast between light and dark. Perhaps they would consume one’s soul, no matter how far one tried to run away.

But how could there be the existence of light and darkness in an empty void? How was it that said empty void represented anything at all, let alone light and darkness? Did it truly have a meaning at all or was this some delusion that has taken over the mind--- but, whose mind?

“Who am I? Why am I here?”

All that was could be done was to run. You were running right on the tightrope between light and darkness, and there was an unidentified force that chased you. You knew not why you ran, but you did so regardless. There was no reason, but you needed to discover one. You needed a logical reason to exist and move forward in this world.  Ultimately, did it really matter which side would engulf you as long as you found a reason for existence?

The force that threatened to overwhelm you tailed you for what seemed like an eternity. It was driving you forward, forcing a reason for you to trudge onwards. Or was it that it was trying to shove you off that tightrope, so that you could finally choose a side? What was in the light or darkness anyways?

However, there was a change in scenery. The once distinguishable contrasting extremes of light and darkness had merged. The abyss or void, as one could call it, was engulfed in a murky grey. How could one distinguish between light and darkness now? Soon, the threatening aura has caught up. Was it too late?


Was it destiny? Was this force destiny imposing upon you a choice that you must make? Or was this a visualization of one’s true uselessness hidden under the façade of being destined to ‘do something’ in an empty and meaningless world? Was it right for one to believe in destiny or not?

Perhaps it was not simply a distinction of light and darkness, but the mashing of both clashing energies that was creating this obscure conception of destiny.

The confusion is suffocating. The force is engulfing. Perhaps it’s something that can’t be escaped, but accepted.


RINGGGGGGG!!!!!!! A loud noise boomed from the small device on the nightstand beside your bed.

“AHHH!” a startled scream came out of your lips before your eyes snapped open as you tried to catch your breath. Your eyes then darted to the annoying contraption that resounded ceaselessly on the nightstand beside you. Picking up your cellphone, you switched off the alarm you had set the night before and dropped your head back down as you rested a hand over your face.

The morning light seeped through the window blinds, brightly illuminating your dark non-lit room.  The birds sang like they habitually did in the mornings, and you were here on your own bed, awake as you always were, same time every morning during the weekdays.

“It was just a dream,” you said aloud with a relieved sigh.

Despite this short-lived relief that washed over you upon your realization that it was just a dream, confusion still plagued your mind. You did not know what to make of this immaterial and almost nonsensical dream.

‘What did this all mean?’

Could it be that destiny was catching up to you?


“I wonder where (Your Name) is. I’m worried about her. She hasn’t shown up to school since yesterday,” Teá muttered as she stared out the window from where she was seated in class.

One might ask why they were even bothered being so worried over you; however, it was only natural since they were the last people to have seen you, or so they thought. Regardless, it seemed odd that you would have skipped school when you were so concerned on getting back home early just because it was a school night. Something just did not seem to add up right.

“Yeah, who knows what might have happened,” Yugi added with concern before speculating the worst, “I hope she’s alright because it seems like everyone who comes in contact with my puzzle and I has always been put into immediate danger.”

“Oh, come on, Yug! Don’t be so hard on yourself there! Let’s pay her a visit after school and see if she’s alright!” Joey exclaimed in attempt to lighten his friend up.

“One problem, genius. We don’t know where she lives,” Tristan stated the obvious, rejecting his friend’s idea.

“Oh yeah, ya’ have a better idea than that, wise guy?! “ Joey retorted.

“Wherever she is I hope she’s alright,” Yugi muttered, speaking to the spirit inside him rather than to his friends.


Staring at the ceiling, your trail of thought was jumbled into a heap of unanswered questions. How could it be that life took a swift and abrupt turn in the oddest of ways? How has destiny been changed simply in a matter of hours on that fated day? Two days ago, it started out merely as an ordinary school day where your primarily role was a student who lived a simple life without some pre-determined destiny. Destiny was something one created for one’s self along the path called life.  We, as individuals, were all born painters with empty canvases, and those empty canvases that represented our lives were to be painted by our hands. After all, we were responsible for drawing our own paths; we were creating our own roads and making our own life choices as diverse individuals. That was what you thought and still believed regardless of what had transpired.  However, you could not help but consider that perhaps there was a certain road that must be followed; certain boundaries had to be kept. We were only allowed to paint our life road as far as the canvas allowed us. There was always limitation to the amount of control one might have. Perhaps destiny keeps us within those boundaries as to keep us from being led astray.  

“Had a good nap?” a voice asked almost in an amused manner while your thoughts clashed.

It was the spirit. That spirit who claimed to be an ancient manifestation of what you were in your past life. It was that very day you met this spirit that your simple life goal of being happy and living a simple hassle-free life was destroyed. Your liveliness and fundamental beliefs on life were all jumbled up when you were informed you had to serve some pharaoh. Sounds crazy, doesn’t it?

“You. I thought what happened a couple of days ago was just some ridiculous nightmare. Guess not,” you chuckled bitterly before voicing out.

The ancient spirit of (Your Name) decided to emerge out of the relic on your arm in an intangible form just like the time you first met her. Ever since that day, you have desperately tried removing the silver bangle on your arm in an attempt to halt these crazy hallucinations, but the bangle refused to slip off. It was as though some force interfered and prevented you from removing said relic. Or actually, maybe you had no real desire to be rid of it? For the longest time, that bangle had become a part of you. It was a family heirloom that you had, for as long as you could remember. That very artifact preserved a side of you that wanted to believe in the events that were to occur. It made you desire to believe in a universe outside of rationality and to believe that you had a duty that you had no knowledge about.

The spirit’s translucent form hovered just a slight distance away from you as she eyed your empty expression.

“Listen. Perhaps it’s best you forget this for a little while. In time you will understand, but it seems like your mind is in distraught,” she voiced out, sympathetic at your bewilderment.

That was a first. Ever since the day you first met the spirit, she refused to stop speaking of all these crazy ancient fairytales and myths. Now, she was relieving you of it? For now at least, but for that, you were grateful just to acquire some peace and comfort away from this mess of fairytales.

“Yeah. You’re probably right.” you mumbled, “I feel like I’m going crazy. These hallucinations. You. Just everything. The human mind works in the strangest way.”

“Denial is not the answer. Forget not that life goes on no matter how you try to escape your destiny,” she advised again.

You grunted before sitting up in your bed. It has been hours that you’ve been staring at the ceiling, contemplating the subject matter that caused you so much confusion.

“I guess I agree with you a little. Moping on bed all day long probably isn’t the best way to spend life. I have school. It’s enough that I missed yesterday,” you knew exactly what she meant, but changed the context of this conversation. You refused to have any more discussions about destiny, for now at least.

“For now, I shall abide by your wishes of being left to create your own path, but when the time has come, I hope you will have come to understand the situation that we must face together,” she says with a small hopeful smile.

A small laugh was emitted from your lips. “Alright, spirit. Here’s a deal. I am confident to say that this craziness isn’t going to stop me from living my life as I have before. But I shall humor you from time to time by listening to your tales and cooperating when you require. So, do we have a deal?”

The spirit looked at your outstretched hand and the small smile that graced your lips. Was this a look of acceptance or was it a look of tolerance that was displayed on the face of her modern counterpart? Regardless of what that look was, it was definitely a start.

“Deal,” the ancient spirit agreed.

“Shoot! I’m so late! SPIRIT! Why the heck didn’t you tell me it was already friggin’ 11:30AM!” you yelled before jumping out of bed and running straight to the bathroom.

A small smile graced the spirit’s lips. You reminded her so much of herself, yet you two were so different, disconnected only in the centuries you both were from. This reminded her of those times the priests would reprimand her for being late to training. And yet another memory has slipped into her mind, filling up the missing pieces of the puzzle. This was going to be interesting, living with a host such as the modern(Your Name). Maybe the two might get along after all.


The noisy chatter in the class was as typical as it could ever be. It was lunchtime after all. There was mindless chatter from most of the students present; there were some who played duel monsters while others just observed the game. But there sat one who quietly minded his own matters as he furiously typed away at his laptop.

Seto Kaiba. CEO of the most prestigious gaming corporation in the world. What more was needed to be said? It was a wonder that he even attended school, despite having to run his fancy billion-dollar company.

‘Why do I even bother showing up to class? I can’t work in this mind-numbing room filled with pointless chatter and small talk. Well, I guess school’s almost over anyways. I might as well get some work done here and finish off programing my new duel disk system before taking off,’ Kaiba pondered to himself as his sapphire blue eyes scanned the chaotic classroom.

“And Yugi wins! Again!” Teá exclaimed.

“Hey, Yug! Tell me your secret! How is it that ya’ beat me every time?!” Joey cried out in frustration.

‘Hmph. That whimpering fool. It’s no surprise considering he is just a third-rate duelist. He couldn’t duel even if it was to save what little pride he has left, if he even has any. I don’t know what’s more pathetic, his dueling style or that obnoxious attitude of his. Oh, don’t forget his astounding stupidity as well.’

Kaiba’s eyes then shifted to a character that avoided any contact with anyone at all. The individual’s white tresses covered his face as he silently watched a duel that commenced. It was none other than, Ryou Bakura. Well, that miserable countenance of his was not very typical.

‘Something’s off about him. If I remember correctly, he acted rather suspiciously yesterday when some girl didn’t show up to school. Huh, what do I care? This is a waste of time. Lunch has been over five minutes ago. I have more important things to do than to sit here doing absolutely nothing, and if that sorry excuse of a teacher doesn’t show up within the minute, I’m leaving this repulsive place.’

Unfortunately for Kaiba, just as he considered leaving, the teacher leisurely strolled into class before putting down all his belongings on his desk.

‘Well, just fucking perfect.’

“Listen up class! I shall be assigning you to work in pairs today for your upcoming history project. Pay close attention as I will not be repeating these names again!” the teacher bellowed, gaining everyone’s attention.

‘Again, just fucking perfect,’ Kaiba thought in displeasure, glaring daggers at the instructor.

“Yugi Motou and Teá Gardner,” the teacher announced.

‘Well, how convenient. At least Yugi’s off my back. Anyone but Yugi and his team of dweebs,’ Kaiba thought to himself in relief.

“Joey Wheeler and Tristan Taylor,” the teacher continued.

‘Seems like luck is with me after all. Being stuck with either one of them would be tiresome, especially Wheeler.’

“(Your Name) and Seto Kaiba.”

‘Huh, isn’t that the missing girl? So I’m expected to pick up her pieces and do her work while she slacks off. This is unacceptable. I will do this pointless project myself after I have finished working on that duel disk,’ Kaiba thought before he finally packed all his belongings and slamming his suitcase shut.

Soon after, Kaiba rose from his seat and proceeded towards the classroom door. The teacher eyed Kaiba as he made his way towards the front of the class.

“Is there something wrong, Kaiba?” the teacher questioned.

“This is a waste of time. She’s not even here. There’s no reason I should waste my time here. I will submit that assignment before the deadline via e-mail,” Kaiba grunted before throwing the teacher a dirty look.

Kaiba proceeded to open the door, but before he had a chance to do so, the door swung open. If he were any closer, it would have hit him in the face. To the person on the other side of the door, they were just lucky that that did not happen, as Kaiba was definitely not someone one should mess with.


“Shit! I’m so late for class! I bet lunch is almost over as well!” you yelled to yourself as you grabbed your school bag and keys before throwing your front door open and scramming out immediately.

It did not take you too long to arrive at your destination at the speed you ran. You arrived at school in your frenzied state in no time, and as soon as you arrived in front of your classroom, you forcefully threw the door open.

“I’m here! Sorry I’m late!”

All eyes were now on you but the ones that caught your attention were those blue irritated ones. You were soon brought face-to-face with icy blue eyes that glared daggers at you, sending chills down your spine. And no, not the good kind, whatever that meant. Those chills were the kind you would get when some tall intimidating person stared you down, which was also happening right now.

“Uh… Sorry?” you chuckled nervously.

“Well, now she is, Mr. Kaiba. So I would appreciate if you two quietly return to your seats and spend classroom time to plan for the upcoming project,” the teacher suddenly said, as though he was talking to Kaiba about something prior to your barging in.

Confused about the situation, you just stared between the teacher and Kaiba. Kaiba’s glare never faltered as he redirected it to the teacher before striding back to his seat with a grace that was unique to Kaiba alone. If you thought about it, even when comparing Kaiba and the teacher, you would say Kaiba definitely had an air of charisma surrounding him that gave him that more respectable aura despite the power relations in the classroom. Then again, it seemed as though Kaiba could ruin any individual’s career as he pleased, making him the more dominant one in the social hierarchy.


You were soon brought out of your stupor when you heard someone clear his throat. The teacher sensed the confusion that was clear in your eyes.

“Miss (Last Name), I'd appreciate it if you went back to your seat. I’ve assigned you to be paired up with Mr. Kaiba to work on the upcoming project. So, feel free to ask Kaiba to fill you in on the details,” the teacher informed before returning to the board.

You nodded before facing the class as you walked towards your seat. As you were inspecting your classmates, you caught a glimpse of the looks of relief that washed over Yugi, Teá, Tristan and Joey’s faces. Yugi lightly smiled at you and you returned the smile as you advanced forward, passing by his seat. However, you were soon approaching dangerous waters. From the corner of your eye, you also noticed Ryou Bakura, but shockingly, he looked just as pleased to see you. Shortly, your eyes met his eyes, but you averted your gaze immediately, ignoring the albino altogether. After what happened that night, you were afraid of who he really was. For all you knew, he could have killed you if he truly desired. Although you thought there was the possibility that he was not actually himself when that happened, as was explained by his psychopathic ‘counterpart’, you were going to keep a safe distance for the time being.

Unbeknownst to you, Ryou’s eyes saddened considerably due to the coldness you displayed, although he could not blame you, considering his yami could have badly hurt you.

Instead of going to your seat, you brought your things over to Kaiba’s table, so that you both could begin brainstorming some ideas for the project. However, as you did so, you could not help but notice how coldly he stared at you. It was as though he hated everything around him and hated the fact that he was to be confined here, working on some project with someone like you. Unexpectedly, he was the first to speak and break the silence. between the both of you.

“Do you think it’s funny to be skipping school and putting others’ grades at stake? If you think you can slack off and I will pick up where you screw up, think again,” he said in a demeaning manner.

“Pardon me?” you asked, blinking at his rudeness.

“Listen here. I will work with you on this project simply because I don’t want to stoop to your grade level and jeopardize my grades or reputation. But next time you decide to slack off, just drop out of this class. I will not be tolerant of any screw ups,” he sneered aloofly.

Who did this guy think he is? Some big shot?! Well, yes, he was a big shot, but that did not give him the right to condemn others and treat you like you were beneath him.

“Excuse me, but that’s quite ironic for you to be saying, considering you’re always absent from class, Mr. I’m-So-Rich-And-Famous!” you retorted.

Azure eyes glared intently at you, and in response, you rolled your eyes.

“What, cat got your tongue?” you spat.

“I don’t have time to waste on someone with the likes of you,” he countered.

“Well, neither do I,” you responded.

“Well, the sooner we get started and stop this pointless bantering, the sooner we won’t have to deal with each other,” he snapped back as he took out his notes, flipping through the pages all in attempt to block you out.

“Seto…” you heard a voice in your head whisper.

It was the spirit. Her mind seemed restless as she whispered his name again as though she was trying to remember something that was once lost in the depths of time.

‘Hey, spirit. Are you ok?’ you asked quietly, communicating with her through your mind.

‘I’m sorry. He just looks so much like him. I think it is him…’ the spirit mumbled, but then disappeared in your cognizance. Perhaps she needed some time to herself and you ultimately decided to discuss it later because clearly you were not off in your own world. At least, the jerk in front of you would not let you have the time of day if he caught you daydreaming.

“So, are you going to stare off in space all day?”

Sighing, you decided to ignore the sarcastic rude arrogant rich CEO in front of you before you flipped through the pages of your textbook.

‘Hmm, Ancient Egypt… Interesting. Maybe we have found our topic. Of course, that’s only if the almighty Seto Kaiba approves of this topic, ‘ you wondered in your mind before mindlessly reading the text.


A/N: And that was it. So, this was more of a Kaiba-centric chapter since I did no mentioning of him in the earlier chapters, save his sexy ancient Egyptian past self heheh ^_^  So I will be going more in depth about the past relationships that the ancient (Your Name) held with the pharaoh, Akefia and Priest Seto.  I’ve been trying to keep those undercover, just so that my readers will sympathize with her feelings and confusion, but all will be revealed gradually. The first quarter of this chapter was talking about the abstract realities and insecurities that the ancient (Your Name) and modern (Your Name) face and how those ideologies collide. I definitely hope to improve and make some tweaks to this chapter though, and if I ever find the time, I will! Well, hope you guys enjoy this chapter and feedback is appreciated!
Torn Between Duty And Emotions: Ch 6 (readerxYGO)
A/N: Hey, guys! Yes, I’m finally back and I apologize for the long hold. Sorry to those who commented and have not received a reply from me. It has been a really long time since I’ve logged in too, but thank you all for the feedback. It’s just been crazy the past two years since I started uni, work and had plenty of life drama, and eventually, I just lost the time to do any writing at all. Anyway, I finally logged in and realized you guys wanted me to continue this story and I was motivated to go back to the drawing board. So now, I’m back to update TBDAE and I really hope that you all would enjoy this long awaited chapter! A big shout out to those who have been following this story and those who have supported me this far! I will admit. I have gotten rusty from my fanfic writing retirement, but I will try to get back into it! J Again, feedback is always appreciated!



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Screen Name: RaeCarastase

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Birthday: The 23rd of July

If you ever feel like contacting me, email me! :) or just contact me in the comment box below. :)

I absolutely adore these characters : Chazz Princeton (Manjoume Jun), Zane Truesdale, Atticus Rhodes, Yami Bakura, Ryou Bakura, Marik Ishtar, Seto Kaiba, Sesshomaru, Koga, Itachi, Deidara, Sasori, Sasuke, Kakashi, Kai Hiwatari, Ray Kon, Germany, France, England.

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Yes, Fos-FF and Lunaescence are great sites to read fanfiction, reader inserts might I add.


NEW!: Torn Between Duty And Emotions (Yu-Gi-Oh)- Chapter 5


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(Chapter 11 status - ON HOLD)

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Hetalia Follows You To School - Chapter 4 (updated)
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I hope you continue giving feedback! <3

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Hello, everyone!

I'm really glad that I've been receiving lots of feedback on my work and sorry if I had not replied to those comments. It has been a long time since I logged in here.

Life has been crazy ever since I stopped writing back in end 2013, simply because that was when I started university & was starting out. I needed to find a job, was overwhelmed with school work & had life drama and what not. So, it has been crazy & I kind of lost interest in writing my stories and watching my anime, just because I had so much on my plate. But, fortunately, things have been slowing down slightly and I have been slowly getting back into my old hobbies. So, I've finally gotten back the motivation to continue this story and the feedback I received when I logged in just made me all the more determined to get the next chapter out. So thank you all! For those who have been waiting since Dec 2013 for an update, I apologize and hope that you all will still be interested in following this story. Thanks!

Anyways, YES, Chapter 6 of TBDAE is out! To be honest, I am a little rusty from my small retirement from fanfic writing, but I'm sure I will pick it up soon enough! Hope you guys like it and thanks again for being really patient!



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